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Breathe New Life into Used Thrift Finds

breathe new life

The recent January thaw allowed us to breathe new life into this long Upstate NY winter. We got much needed fresh air, a peek at the bare ground and a second wind to help us endure.

Speaking of breathing new life into something … I upcycled an object I found at Thrifty Shopper. An old wrought iron paper towel holder is now my new jewelry holder!

I have held onto this $2.99 purchase for a while. I loved it, but was unsure how I was going to use it. Would it be for its intended use, as a paper towel holder? I considered using it to create an endless loop towel and reduce waste. To maintain sanity, I could have also used it as an aluminum foil or saran wrap holder.

Then there was the question of whether to paint it or not. I decided I loved its patina and kept it the way I found it.

breathe new lifeCurrent purpose: a sweet and simple minimalist jewelry collection holder. I actually like the limited space it provides. That will keep me in check on those days Thrifty Shopper restocks their fantastic jewelry selections. 😉

What do you think? Do you breathe new life into old items?

About the Author

Tabby Rhodes balances her family and professional life all while practicing fiscal (and environmental) responsibility. She has found thrift shopping fits into her frugal lifestyle and enjoys sharing her discoveries.

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