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My Why Inspires a Thrifty Lifestyle

April 26, 2017

Since gravitating toward a simpler, mindful, thrifty lifestyle, I’ve spent a great deal of time contemplating my why. It’s easy to identify now, but the frustration that mounts prior...

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Let’s Talk Thrifted Lamps

April 12, 2017

Spring is a time for refreshing and updating home décor. What better way to brighten a room than by using thrifted lamps?! However, we needed some new wall accents...

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eBay Tips for the Potential Reseller

April 05, 2017

To get a better understanding of how I resell thrifted and retail items, I am providing eBay tips as a follow-up to my recent blog. Naturally, I enjoyed the items....

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Print Thrift Finds Are My Favorite

April 03, 2017

I love wearing different prints, especially animal prints. When I find fashions with print seahorses, birds or puppies, I’m all over that article of clothing! During this week’s thrift...

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Thrifting and eBay Go Hand-in-Hand

March 27, 2017

A dear friend of mine recently asked if I could blog about my small thrifting and eBay venture. Finishing lunch, I glanced at my phone and saw a notification...

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How to Make a DIY Cupcake Tower

March 22, 2017

In this video, Deb Fernando demonstrates how to make a cupcake tower using thrift finds. Cupcake towers allow you to display treats at birthday parties, showers and, in Deb’s...

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