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The Thrifty Shopper team is proud to be Green!


Our Thrifty Shopper stores provide second-hand clothing at discounted prices as well as used household linens, furniture and other items. But it's not just these gently used goods that find a second life.

True or False: We can use that lone sock, the shoe without a match, the shirt with a rip or stain. TRUE!  We recycle the donations that cannot be sold in our stores in other ways, such as selling tattered clothing as rags. We make sure nearly every item donated to and received is used to generate revenue. This in turn helps to fund our programs, which provide services to those who are hungry and homeless in our communities.

Bottom line: We embrace a social responsibility to our environment and recycle products, including salvage items, at every level to generate revenue to help those in need within our communities, all while making our home a "greener" and cleaner place to live!

Recently I’ve been making small changes to improve sustainability around the house, which led me to researching the benefits of cloth napkins instead of paper ones. When I found out that using cloth napkins at home was overall a more sustainable choice, I set out to find enough to...

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In this Going Green segment that aired on Time Warner Cable, Terry Ettinger looks at how the Rescue Mission makes great use of used textiles, like clothes, bed sheets and towels. In fact, 95 percent of used textiles can be reused. Donations are brought to the Rescue Mission Warehouse...

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Have you heard the news?! The buzz has been all over social media and the air waves – something big is coming to town!! The Rescue Mission is partnering with 93Q and Shoppingtown Mall to offer Syracuse’s Largest Indoor Garage Sale on Saturday, April 25. Broadcasting live from 9...

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Recently I was thinking about all the different ways Thrifty Shopper helps me and I was pretty amazed. I may not be in their targeted population, yet there are so many ways the organization helps and affects my life. Also, through me, and others, they are able to impact...

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