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How to Make Simple Thread and Yarn Holders

20150218 - thread holder2If you are interested in needlework such as embroidery, needlepoint and other crafts that require you to use a number of different colors of threads, you will love this quick and easy way to store and keep your threads organized and separate.

The only materials you will need are a box of Ziplock baggies, a paper punch (or other item to make holes in the baggies) and two large clip open key-type rings.

Count out the number of baggies needed for the amount of thread skeins you plan to store; remember, you can always add more later. I would start with at least 12. My suggestion would be to sort the threads by color group or by individual shades of color, which are usually number coded.

Punch two holes in the bottom of each baggie, about one inch in from each corner and a half-inch up from the bottom.

Thread the baggies onto the metal rings and clip the rings closed. Now sort your thread as desired and fill each baggie.

Ta-da! There you go and you now have an inexpensive, easy-to-make and easy-to-use thread holder.

20150218 - thread holder3Open the ring clip to remove a bag or two if you are only using a couple of colors at a time and you don’t want to carry all the thread with you.

Many pre-printed kits are available for all types of needlework and usually contain precut pieces of thread or yarn. This type of holder is also great if you do crewel work and need a way to sort and separate the pieces of yarn.

Here is another idea for those who knit or crochet: create an easy yarn box from an empty small oatmeal container – the round shape is perfect to store the skeins of yarn.

First, you need to make a small hole in the lid pushing from the inside of the lid to the outside. Trim the hole neatly. Place your skein of yarn in the box, and thread the working end of the yarn through the hole in the lid, from the inside to the outside. Put the lid on and you can pull the yarn through the lid as your work progresses. You can also decorate the container with wall paper or shelf paper, if desired.

The finished product will keep your yarn clean and prevent the pets from using your yarn as a play-toy. The round container will fit easily into your craft bag along with your work in progress. You can drop your needles into the box with the yarn if you wish when you are not using them.

They do have fancy containers that do this same job in craft stores, but they are definitely not free. So recycle that oatmeal box and spend that extra money on more yarn!

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