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Get Organized Using Baskets

kitty in basketThe Thrifty Shopper always seems to have a lot of baskets – in all sorts of styles and sizes: woven, plastic, metal, large, medium and small. Some are so attractive that I try to think of a way to use them just so I can buy them. I guess that is “create a need economics,” lol.

So, what can you do with all those baskets?

While I often use baskets in an ordinary manner, I also like to think I get a bit creative. Like my basket full of kitty (pictured right) – I do think mine is very special and unique, as I am sure yours is also.

With the arrival of spring, you may find yourself purchasing flowers to “springify” your home. Baskets provide a great way to camouflage those plastic pots that many house plants come in. Just pop that ugly green pot into a basket and right away it looks classic. You probably want to line it with a plastic tray or something to catch the drainage from watering though.

baskets under cabinetI love using baskets to collect things that otherwise would lie around with no home. For example, I use a basket for the remotes for the TV, DVD player, etc. (pictured left). With all the remotes in one place, they are also always easy to find! I found two short baskets and they work perfectly for under our TV cabinet. I put all those ugly wires in one of the baskets and the game controllers in the other basket. When the grandkids want to play video games, they just slide the basket out and when they are done, drop in the controllers and push it back under. toys in basketIt makes it easy for them to be neat.

I also use a basket (pictured right) to collect the pet toys in one area. For some reason, the pets seem to get as many toys as the grandchildren do, lol.

I have mentioned in other blogs that I keep extra shampoo, shower gel and such in a basket in the bathroom as well as keeping a basket of all kinds of sample containers for guests to use. I also keep small baskets on the bedside tables for things you want to find at hand. In these baskets I keep a pen and notepad, a package of tissues, a small flashlight, some pocket sized puzzle books such as Sudoku, word search and crosswords, lip balm and space for each person to customize to their preferences.

bathroom baskets 2For the kitchen – Bread baskets are nice with a pretty cloth to cover the bread or rolls for freshness.

I’d love to hear back from our readers for some of the ways you use and reuse baskets. What is the most creative/original thing you have done with a basket? The most practical thing? The most artistic thing? It would be great to see how innovative you all are out there!! Hugs and smiles

This blog was written by Linda Wedge White, a regular blog contributor to our Thrifty Shopper website! If you would like to offer fashion advice and tips, share unique finds and what you used them for and/or stories you would simply like to share with other like-minded people, we want to hear from you! Contact us at!

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