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New Uses for Old Containers, part II

TinsIn my last post, I talked about reusing salad and bakery containers, silverware trays and eyeglass cases. If you missed that blog, I hope you will go back and check it out.

Today I am going to further explore that topic. Let’s start with pizza boxes since so many of us love pizza and have those boxes available. They are often available new and clean from your local pizza shop in different sizes, free or for a nominal charge.

These are great for quilters as you can layer blocks in them and they stack easily and are light weight for moving around. Of course, the different sized boxes will hold your different sized blocks. containerPizza boxes are also good for storing rotary saw blades, in a safe, dry way. If you don’t have a pre-made holder, the single serving pizza boxes are good for a safe way to store your food processor blades while protecting fingers from those sharp edges.

Being cardboard, it’s easy to write on the side what you have in each box. And when you are done using it for storage, don’t forget to recycle!!

I found a neat wallet at the Thrifty Shopper.wallet It was like new, and I think it didn’t work for the donor because it has a limited number of pockets. As I looked at the very low price tag, I suddenly realized that it would work perfectly for carrying my beading supplies so the threads didn’t get tangled and the needles didn’t get lost. I have been using this wallet for years and it is still working wonderfully!

Another thing that is always available in our local thrift stores are storage tins. I love these and use them for many things. Although many are decorated in holiday themes, they are still usually pretty or fun to see. I like to find them without the holiday theme but will take one in any theme if it fits the purpose I have for it! The great thing about these tins is they are airtight, so they provide a very safe atmosphere for what you are storing in them. I use them for pasta, cookies, candy and other food items. Pets cannot chew a hole in the corner to steal snacks no matter how hard they try, LOL – nor can Mr. Mouse!

I use smaller tins for separating beads and beading projects, for holding my different pins (safety, flathead, roundhead, etc.), and for securing all the little things my kitties love to steal but I want to keep for myself.

And don’t most of us remember Grandma’s Button Tin? A fruitcake tin full of all kinds of buttons is just something that warms a child’s heart.

I think it would be awesome if you would all chime in with ways that you reuse containers. Share your comments below!!

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