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Think Outside the Box, er, Container: Reuse Cases for Storage

Silverware Drawer RepurposedIt sounds easy and simple, and it is. I hope I can inspire others to open your eyes to new ways to see things also.

As a quilter, I have a lot of things to quilt besides large pieces of fabric. I have blocks that are orphaned either due to being a practice block to see how a pattern works out, or because I made too many for the size I wanted the final quilt. Or, maybe I was gifted them from another quilter.

I also have half square triangles that are left from making other kinds of blocks. I use these to make pinwheels and all kinds of other designs in scrappy quilts. They range in size from one to four inches.

When I do appliqué, I have lots of pieces left after cutting out the desired piece. These have the adhesive paper on the back and can be used later in other designs. As you can imagine, they also come in all sizes.

Silverware drawer repurposedFloor cleaner wipes such as Swiffer or other brands come in this type. Also, salad and other greens often come in completely clear containers, as do bakery goods.

Silverware racks make great containers for my small squares, but can also be used for drawer organizers and keeping tools handy and neat on your desktop.

Notice my photos of eyeglass cases, which have many good uses other than keeping your glasses safe – they also come in pretty colors and a variety of styles that adapt to different uses. You can often get these cases free from your eye doctor’s office. They are also frequently available at Thrifty Shopper stores for a very low price. I use them to keep smaller things together yet separate from the other small things in a space.

Eyeglass case repurposedHere are some additional uses I have for eyeglass cases:

  • to keep my colored pens separate from my black ones (the round Jimmy Choo glasses cases are perfect for holding my pens. I got two of them free at my opthamologist’s office);
  • to put my sharp items such as seam rippers and needles in so I don’t stab myself – this is especially handy if you are travelling with your hobby or craft items.
  • to store iron-on alphabet letters to keep them clean and safe;
  • Glass Case as Storageto store erasers, which are always being stolen by the cats or getting lost in the bottom of my drawing bag. Now I always know where they are.

In my next blog, we will explore some more ways to reuse containers that are easy to find and often free or inexpensive!

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