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Thrift Store Finds Are More Gems Than ‘Odds and Ends’

20150421 - Odd-Ends Pic 3AIf you follow Thrifty Shopper on social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), you know that there is much more to be had than clothing at all the various locations. Books, VHS tapes and DVDs, CDs, housewares, furniture and even sporting equipment (I saw an old “Thigh Master” apparatus at the E. Syracuse store) are in ample supply. While the “Thigh Master” is a bit of an odd find, a lot of the non-clothing items are hidden treasures that are usually in good condition. If you’re envisioning Napoleon Dynamite purchasing a plastic sai and “D-Kwon’s Dance Grooves” on VHS, keep reading. I’m going to show you some “not so odds and ends” my wife and I have found at Thrifty Shopper. Are you ready to get your thrifty groove on?

My wife loves to cook. 20150421 - Odds-Ends Pic 1Although we’ve been married five years, we didn’t host our first Thanksgiving until this past November, which means we had no need for a large, deep baking pan. We originally planned to go Maryland for Thanksgiving, but plans changed at the last minute and chez Fernando became the rendezvous for the annual holiday. This would be my wife’s first time baking a turkey. What to do, what to do? Head to the North Syracuse Thrifty Shopper! She found this deep baking pan for only $4.99—less than half the price of the turkey!

20150421 - Odds-Ends Pic 2Though, I love fashion, music and art, I do have an inner “meathead”, as I’m sure most fashionistas do. I enjoy working out, whether it’s lifting weights, jumping rope, Tae Bo, bodyweight exercises or various forms of yoga (I have yet to try DDP yoga, which is a current rage among tough guys). My problem for the longest time has been the absence of a weight bench. The ones I’d find on Craigslist were usually rusty and overpriced. Enter Valley Thrifty Shopper. On a whim, we stopped in one Saturday, not knowing that all housewares were 49% off. While in the checkout line, my wife spotted a weight bench leaning against the counter and pointed it out to me. It was originally $9.95, but with the discount, I only paid $5.09. My wallet and my inner meathead were satisfied that day…”and now I can’t stop saying bro…bro”. 🙂

Back to the music and art. The standard price for a DVD or CD at Thrifty Shopper is $1.99. Yes, for less than the price of a fancy caffeinated beverage from your favorite local barista, you can pick up wonderful music or movies that you can enjoy with your family again and again. Starting from the top, the Blindside was the movie that my wife and I saw on our first Valentine’s Day date (see picture). It was a little over a month before we got married, so the anticipation was high. So, whenever I watch this movie with her, I’m reminded of that wonderful evening. Not to mention that the true story of Michael Oher is awe-inspiring.

20150421 - Odd-Ends Pic 3BOf my top five favorite classical composers, I have to say that Maurice Ravel & Edvard Grieg rank third and fourth, respectively. Bolero is a wonderful piece, but the real gem on the album is the Mother Goose Suite. An entire book has been written about this piece, detailing the masterful orchestration techniques that Ravel employed. The suite is truly ear candy for those who love Impressionistic music. The Grieg & Tchaikovsky orchestral CD, as well the Josh Groban Christmas CD were $1 finds at the Valley Thrifty Shopper. I don’t know why anyone would want to part with these items, but I’m glad they did!

See? Nothing odd here, just some amazing finds. Are you looking for some old classic movies or Disney/ Pixar films for the kids? Maybe some books, music CD’s or sporting equipment? Before you hit up Amazon, eBay or Craigslist, hit up your local Thrifty Shopper. You may be surprised at what you’ll find.

This blog was written by Priyantha Fernando, who emulates old school GQ and is a regular blog contributor to our Thrifty Shopper website. If you would like to offer fashion advice and tips, share unique finds and what you used them for and/or stories you would simply like to share with other like-minded people, we want to hear from you! Contact us at

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