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Three Reasons to Give a Thrift Gift Card

Woman Holding Gift Card, Credit Card EtcThe countdown is on! The most giving time of year is the month of December and that means the scramble is on to finish crossing names off of your gifting list. Have you considered giving a gift card?

Before you shake your head no, we get it – the gift card has a bad rep. There is the typical suspicion that surrounds it, such as one doesn’t know where to begin to find the “Perfect” gift or one doesn’t want to invest the time. Or, that little piece of plastic just seems so impersonal.

But that is not the nature of a Thrifty Shopper gift card! Here are three reasons to give our gift card as a gift:

Introduce your giftee to Thrifting. Think about the excitement you felt when you first discovered thrift stores – the thrill of the hunt and uncovering amazing finds among the racks of items. Share that with your giftee! In fact, make an outing out of your gift and accompany your giftee, Thrifty Shopper gift card in tow, to your favorite store. Show them the tips and tricks of searching to find the best buys. Who knows, you may have opened up a whole new world for them! Now that’s a great gift!

Nurture or give birth to a new hobby. This can be for the person who has everything, the minimalist, even the teenager who rarely raises his or her head from a screen. The thrift store is a great resource for people who are interested in DIY projects, crafting, knitting, antiquing – the list goes on and on. Provide your giftee with a little Internet direction (our website,, as well as Pinterest, YouTube and other web locations can help get the creative juices flowing) and a Thrifty Shopper gift card to get them started! Who knows – maybe next year you will receive a gift stemming from the hobby you helped nurture.

More bang for the gifting buck. This reason really needs little explanation – a $25 gift card at Thrifty Shopper can buy an entire outfit and accessories where as a department store gift card might get the giftee a shirt and a chocolate bar upon check out. No brainer.

There you have it! Best part – it won’t take much time to pick up your gift cards as they are available at every one of our 14 stores. Sure, that saving time aspect may fall under the “bad rep” category – but now you have put more thought into your gifts. Happy Gifting!!

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