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Classic Preppy Combinations for This Cool Spring

classic preppyWith this blog, I’d like to show off some classic preppy sweaters and shirts (as well as pair of pants, undershirt and a tie) that I have at the ready. After all, here we are in the month of May and the weather can’t seem to make up its mind. Spring? Winter? Summer? This fickleness, courtesy of Syracuse’s ever-changing seasons, requires us to keep our winter wardrobe at the ready. And if you’re tired of the winter clothes you have on hand, most sweaters are currently 50% off at 3fifteen! No time is better than now should May temps decide to take a dip south.

V-Neck sweaters have been a staple of my wardrobe for years. Yet, in all those years, for some reason I’ve never owned a classic navy blue one. Enter this Club Room wool-acrylic blend piece ($6.99), courtesy of 3fifteen!

classic preppy

Yes, standard khakis would go nicely, but in my opinion, nothing compliments navy blue like a deep maroon. These Haggar brand slacks, courtesy of 3fifteen ($7.99), fulfill this requirement quite nicely. This is a very dark, winter like ensemble, thus it needs another color that resembles spring. I found this Jerzees brand yellow tee at the Westvale TS for only $3.99. A classic outfit for under $18.

For those colder days in May, a V-neck sweater alone may not suffice in keeping you warm. What are you supposed to do, break out the winter jacket? Nah…A nice button down beneath your sweater should do the trick.

classic preppy

This Scott Barber (Nordstrom) button down from the Valley TS ($2.50) looks great underneath my orange Banana Republic V-Neck sweater ($5- 3fifteen), along with this pair of Flex Slax II (Sears) navy blue slacks ($4.16- 3fifteen). All this classic preppy style for under $12. Though the colors are reminiscent of autumn, the orange is bright enough to make us think spring!

The final outfit is my personal favorite of the three. For the past two years, I’d been wanting a wool shawl-collar sweater, but could never find one at Thrifty Shopper. Furthermore, the price of purchasing one brand new was out of the question. A few months ago, I found this 100% lamb’s wool J. Crew sweater at 3fifteen for only $9.99—the original price being $72.50!

classic preppy

A week or two later I came across this Valerio Garati button down at the N. Syracuse TS for $4.99. When paired with the Haggar maroon slacks, and a yellow John Henry silk tie ($4.99- 3fifteen), we have a classic preppy ensemble that would turn Alfonso Ribeiro’s head. Truly a Carlton Banks-style masterpiece—all for under $28.

When spring time in Syracuse hands you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Put the lemons in the fridge, and head to 3fifteen or your local TS to find some sweaters and other winter clothing items that may be discounted, and may be needed. There will be plenty of time to make lemonade once June and July come around. 🙂

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