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Rookie Mistakes to Avoid While Thrifting

Rookie MistakesUnless you’re a seasoned thrifter, you are bound to make some rookie mistakes while thrifting. Pointers are needed when it comes to shopping a store with hundreds of oddly priced hand-me-downs, especially for newbies.

As a rookie thrifter, keep an open mind and don’t be weary. Thrift store items may be previously used, but you can still find high-quality pieces. Be sure to avoid these common mistakes rookies make causing them to overlook treasures:

Rookie Mistakes 1: Scan the racks

Don’t just skim through racks and decide there is nothing there for you. Sure, there will be decades-old pieces such as blazers with shoulder pads and puffy dresses. But in between those clearly dated pieces will be great finds like branded coats and boutique dresses. Give the thrift store a chance and take your time browsing the racks. A good find at the thrift shop at low-cost is usually worth the time.

Rookie Mistakes 2: Zero in on Your Size

Size doesn’t need to matter when it comes to thrifting especially if an item is slightly larger. Loose dresses can be taken in at the seam or fitted with a belt. Tops that may be a size or two bigger can be tucked into skirts or trousers for a more refined look. Don’t lose out on good items just because they are slightly bigger than your usual size.

Rookie Mistakes 3: Disregard Tailoring

A lot of thrift store items are from previous years and decades. Not all finds will be fashionable, but you can modernize finds with a little work. If a dress from the 60s can work today with some hemming, go for it. One of the benefits of shopping at a thrift store is you can buy unique pieces. What is more exclusive than tailoring older clothes the way you like? You are never going to find someone in the same outfit as you.

Rookie Mistakes 4: Don’t Experiment

Thrift stores offer large varieties of items from different eras. The collections can be quite random when it comes to style. Be willing to experiment when it comes to choosing thrifted items. Step out of your style and try clothes you wouldn’t typically wear. Even if an item looks gaudy or seems too bold, tone it down by pairing the find with wardrobe basics. Keep styling basics in mind and you can pull off most items at a thrift shop. A sparkly jacket won’t look too brash if you pair it with a plain t-shirt and jeans.

Rookie Mistakes 5: Avoid Inspiration

Sorting through a random selection of clothes is inevitable when thrifting. For this reason, it’s best to seek some inspiration before shopping. Look through fashion magazines or browse the internet for tips on mixing and matching items to make stylish outfits.

Remember: There’s skill involved in finding gems at the thrift store. Avoid these rookie mistakes and you will be well on your way to scoring some great thrift finds. Nothing is as rewarding as a good find at minimal cost.

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