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Thrifted Dresses All Summer Long

Who needs pants? Not this girl! I absolutely love dresses. With all the thrifted dresses and skirts in my wardrobe, I won’t have to wear pants until the fall. Especially after visiting the North Syracuse Thrifty Shopper where there were dresses galore.

This thrift haul uncovered eight more dresses at $7.99 each for my collection! I scored brands ranging from Loft to Nautica. My haul included: an adorable maxi dress from Express; two cute Loft dresses in the same style but different colors and prints; an Adam Levine dress that was a great fit; and a super comfortable Nautica hoodie dress. Here’s hoping for endless opportunities to wear my thrifted dresses!

About the Author

Natalie Del Prete is a Purchasing Assistant who enjoys exploring fashion. She has been thrift shopping for many years and prefers shopping at secondhand stores as opposed to big retailers because it is fun, leads to less waste and helps the community. Check her out on Instagram: @twentysomethingstyles.

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