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How to Add a Modern-Twist to Vintage Finds

vintage findsThrift stores are awesome. They offer unique, high-quality clothing at a low price. Even better is the vintage factor! There is nothing more satisfying than finding unique, classic clothing, which are oftentimes one-of-a-kind finds.

Here are some tips for putting a modern-twist on vintage finds.

Mix Modern Fashion

Dressing vintage from head-to-toe is so 2016. Avoid creating an antique look by mixing in modern elements. First, select a vintage piece as your focal point. Then add modern articles with clean lines to complete your look. While seeking vintage finds at your local thrift shop, check out all the clothing racks. Your search will turn up quality modern finds, as well.

Choose Shapes That Complement Your Body

Each person has a unique body shape. To look good in clothes, you must first know your body type. Then consider the history of fashion. For example, the 60s A-line dress or skirt are great for a figure with wider hips. To flaunt your waistline, try a 50s-style hourglass-shaped dress. Interesting to note – with vintage fashion, tailors based their patterns on actual people; they didn’t use software to test whether clothes would look good on a hanger.

Focus On Details

Be mindful that less is more. To avoid overwhelming your look, keep accessories minimal. Timeless pieces, free of embellishment work well with vintage finds. It is also important for accessories to accent your look rather than overshadowing it. By wearing minimal accessories, you will draw more attention to your fabulous vintage finds.

vintage findsFabric Quality Is Vital

It’s no surprise vintage clothing consists of high-quality fabric. Linen, cotton and wool were the common fabrics of most vintage finds. That is because the pieces were constructed to last longer than a season. Nowadays, most clothing consists of semi-synthetic fabric like viscose, rayon and modal. And, the durability of these fabrics do not compare. When roaming a thrift store, take note of the fabric to ensure your finds will stand the test of time.

vintage findsFollow a Basic Color Palette

Avoid creating a mess by sticking to basic colors. This will ensure a neat and well put together look, regardless of the era. With proper mixing and matching, you can style a look from the past that will fit today’s trends.

Author’s Bio

Stephanie Wheatly is a fashion blogger-writer who has a keen interest in everything that deals with fashion. She is a fashion designer at heart and would often dream of running her clothing line. During her free time, Stephanie writes articles both for Seed Heritage and her blog.

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