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Thrifting Has Changed My Life and Friends’ Lives

thriftingWhen I think about the ways that thrifting has changed my life, I am in awe. I still cannot articulate the wave of change I have been experiencing. While I feel regret from our past fiscal management, I still can’t help but feel encouraged. I also think I appreciate my new way of life more because of the experience.

I’ve lost nothing going from retail to second-hand. I still shop our favorite brands – now they are all just under one roof. More importantly, I have inspired some, and this culminates a feeling of goodness within me. Helping others has become addicting. From inspiring their own improved financial walk and paring down at home to weeding their proverbial financial (and physical!) gardens, I’ve really put myself out there in a way I had not done before. Clearly something had been missing in my life. This experience has been like one of life’s gifts that just keep on giving. And I cannot get enough of it.

Here are some testimonials I’ve recently received in relation to sharing my love of thrifting and Thrifty Shoppers everywhere:

“We took the plunge and headed to the Thrifty Shopper with an hour to spare. An hour and a half later we had to peel ourselves out of there!”

“I loved your post today! You seriously are my inspiration to consolidate and start paying off some of my debt! I know it’s a work in progress but I know with the time and commitment put in, I will get there as well!!”

“I had extra money this month so we took a week- long trip and I was able to cash flow the food, entrance fees, gas AND hotel! (Oh what a feeling!!)”

“My husband LOVED his rare and unique lacrosse Snowbaby! I’m so stinkin’ happy I found this thing! He asked me where I found it. I told him Thrifty Shopper!”

“I seriously got chills when you told me how close you were to being debt free!”

So there you have it friends! I keep thrifting and counting my blessings. With Thrifty Shopper and friends like these (mentioned above), I don’t have to go far. Now I will bask in the heaven of what it feels like to have debt freedom within reach for the first time in 26 years J

About the Author

Tabby Rhodes balances her family and professional life all while practicing fiscal (and environmental) responsibility. She has found thrift shopping fits into her frugal lifestyle and enjoys sharing her discoveries.

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