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Wardrobe Essentials Include Staple and Statement Pieces

I like to keep in mind two things when adding to my wardrobe: staple pieces and statement items. With a good variety of these items, you can mix and match your wardrobe in many creative ways. I recently visited the Cicero Thrifty Shopper and found three items to add variety to my closet.

My first find was a yellow floral dress from Old Navy ($7.99), which is definitely a statement piece. I cannot express how much I love this dress. I love it for three reasons: It is floral, it is bright, and it is mid-length. This dress does not need much styling. I wore this first on its own to show off how beautiful the print is. Then I styled it with a black vest and belt for a cute bohemian vibe.

Next I found a white button down collared shirt from Target ($4.99). This item is an amazing staple for my closet. I wore this with a statement necklace and floral midi skirt for a work- chic style. Layering it under a sleeveless dress, I created a preppy look for the fall.

My last item was a black and white very comfortable shirt from Old Navy ($4.99). When I felt this shirt, I knew I needed it to layer with all of my clothes as a staple shirt. I wore this with jeans and my trusty olive green vest. Then I paired it with a teal skirt and jean vest.

About the Author

Natalie Del Prete is a Purchasing Assistant who enjoys exploring fashion. She has been thrift shopping for many years and prefers shopping at secondhand stores as opposed to big retailers because it is fun, leads to less waste and helps the community. Check her out on Instagram: @twentysomethingstyles.

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