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Frugal Mindset Leads to Less Noise and Clutter

A frugal mindset and thrifting lifestyle can change your life, even where you least expect it. For example, I love my new, simplified morning work routine!

Partly responsible is this very simplistic, but beautiful tote I picked up at the Binghamton Thrifty Shopper. When packing for work, I had this “wow” moment where I felt that a burden had finally been lifted.

“Could I possibly be reaping the rewards of this new lifestyle,” I asked myself. I could get used to this!

Let me clarify.

I used to have an overstuffed tote. It was difficult to carry, often with items spilling over, and made me feel like a bag lady. With my new frugal mindset, I now have a very minimal, efficient set up and I LOVE it!

frugal mindset

My thrifted tote was $4.99.

frugal mindset

This Dollar Tree planner and monthly budget notebook were $2.

frugal mindset

My thrifted “extras”, brand new with tags pencil case was .49 cents! It houses my health-minded USB essential oils diffuser and my favorite erasable pens. This handy little carrying case also fits my notary public stamp perfectly.

frugal mindset

My Savvycents wallet holds my Thrifty Shopper gift cards earned through writing this blog! It also supports the envelope system.

frugal mindset

…and I never go anywhere without something to read on my lunch break. I am eternally increasing my personal finance knowledge.

frugal mindset

I received this book free for making a donation to a family-focused charitable organization. In doing so, I also learned of the authors personal circumstances, which has inspired my next month’s charitable contribution.

In conclusion, thrifting and a frugal lifestyle have afforded me multiple gains: the occasional splurge GUILT FREE; the ability to increase giving; and the power to minimize the “noise” and clutter that left me overwhelmed and broke. One word: LIFECHANGING. ❤️

About the Author

Tabby Rhodes balances her family and professional life all while practicing fiscal (and environmental) responsibility. She has found thrift shopping fits into her frugal lifestyle and enjoys sharing her discoveries.

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