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Plaid Flannel Is the Ultimate Fall Style

It is finally feeling more like fall in Central New York. This is my favorite time of year to put together outfits. Mixing warmer elements with older summer items provides seemingly endless combinations! This week I went to the Cicero Thrifty Shopper to find three items for fall styles.

My first item is a plaid flannel shirt from Old Navy ($4.99). A plaid flannel shirt is the ultimate fall item. There is so much flexibility with it and it is so comfortable – it feels like wearing a blanket! I wore this first over a grey T-shirt dress with a statement necklace for a great blend of warmer and cooler items. I then paired it with my black pointe pants and tied it off for a casual, yet cute style.

Next I found a gray cardigan from Talbots ($6.99). I wear cardigans all year round, so a neutral one from a great brand is a real find! Paired with a teal midi skirt and my peter pan collared black sleeveless shirt, I created a professional autumn outfit. Then I tucked this cardigan into my black patterned pants for a sleek look.

My last item was a relaxed dark gray sweatshirt from RBX ($6.99). I love the look of cowl-neck hoodies. They are perfect for any day with a bit of a cooler edge to it. I wore this over a black dress for a dressier way to wear a sweatshirt. Then I matched this with my LuLaRoe patterned leggings for an amazing weekend lounge style.

About the Author

Natalie Del Prete is a Purchasing Assistant who enjoys exploring fashion. She has been thrift shopping for many years and prefers shopping at secondhand stores as opposed to big retailers because it is fun, leads to less waste and helps the community. Check her out on Instagram: @twentysomethingstyles.

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