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Discover Designers at Thrift Stores

designersIf major designers didn’t allow thrift stores to sell their garments, they would be doing a major disservice to their bottom line. I’ve often discovered designers at the thrift store and loved their pieces so much, I’ve looked to their retail store and/or website! This is especially true for the makers of petite clothing. It’s so odd that ordering a smaller garment can cost more.

Here’s a perfect example:

I’ve picked up numerous J. Jill Petite and PureJill Petite items at the thrift store over the years. I really love the quality and fit, especially in my 40s. J. Jill is a modest, sporty and comfortable designer – right up my alley as ‘trouble’ spots begin to emerge, haha! I took my annual trek upstate to Destiny USA last weekend to do some holiday shopping. Great weather, gorgeous leaves, and hot pumpkin spice latte at the drive-thru. Can you feel that autumn vibe? Well, J. Jill retail store is conveniently there as well, so I was excited to take a peek.

So here’s the thing: The new me is not going to pay ($98!) for what I found to be the perfect comfy dress. However, the new me wasn’t going to let that amazing dress go so easy either. I did all the shopping I needed and left the mall without it.

After earning a well-deserved promotion, I had really wanted to treat myself. The J. Jill dress stayed on my mind since it’s so tough to find well-fitting clothes. I looked it up online later. While I didn’t give in to an impulse buy, I did place it in my online cart. I ruminated over all of the marketing scams these companies do to “reel you in”: sign up for a credit card, seasonal 25% off, etc. I actually felt more driven to not give in … it was out of my system. The new me is MUCH wiser in financial recovery.

Four days later, I got an email about sale merchandise going an additional 40% off. Score! The dress had gone on sale in the interim. For more than 40% off the sale price, I purchased the dress and felt good about it. I also found another that was similar on eBay for just $15. This was a MAJOR win in my journey to financial recovery! None of this would have happened – and designers would not have gotten ANY of my business – had I not tried out their merchandise for pennies on the dollar first at the Thrifty Shopper stores.

If words could only describe how life changing a thrifting mind set has been for me. I’ve paid off nearly $20,000 this past 18 months while incorporating a giving mindset and fostered my faith. In addition, I’ve honed my “side hustle” skills, purchased life insurance to protect my loved ones and started to invest in my future. Now I just pray time is on my side after decades of financial ignorance. Thrifting HAS changed my life!

About the Author

Tabby Rhodes balances her family and professional life all while practicing fiscal (and environmental) responsibility. She has found thrift shopping fits into her frugal lifestyle and enjoys sharing her discoveries.

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