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‘Greaser’ Wins 2017 #iShopThrifty Costume Contest

Dressed as a Greaser, Cayden has won the 4th Annual #iShopThrifty Costume Contest of 2017! Costumes that made it to Top Five included a nerd, a Leprachuan, and a squirrel girl.

Check out the gallery below to see the rest of the ‘spooktacular’ costume entries.

Whitney Mills, who created this vintage Halloween look for her son (for under $20) shares her thoughts: greaser

Where is your go-to Thrifty Shopper?

My family and I love going to our local Thrifty Shopper on Front Street in Binghamton.

What do you like about the stores?

We love that the Thrifty Shopper always has a little bit of everything. We can find clothes and items we need/want for much better prices than the local retail stores.

How did you come up with the Greaser costume idea?

The Greaser costume idea came about when my son’s school was having spirit week. The theme was “generations” and he had to pick a generation to mimic in his style. We weren’t sure which generation to pick until we walked into our local Thrifty Shopper looking for inspiration. That’s when we found the amazing leather jacket you see pictured!!! We knew right away that the Greaser costume was just meant to be!

Was this your first time constructing costumes from thrifted materials or are you a seasoned pro?

I wouldn’t call myself a seasoned pro but this is definitely not my first time finding inspiration at Thrifty Shopper. Being a professional photographer, I often find great pieces at the Thrifty Shopper to use as props, as well as clothing items for models.

How did you start thrift shopping?

My mother is most definitely a thrifty seasoned pro. She taught me everything I know about finding the best deals and items.

In your opinion, what is the best thing about thrift stores?

I love the idea of giving old clothes and items a new purpose and life. Thrifty Shopper allows people to take items that would otherwise be considered old (sometimes even trash) to one person and bring them back to life for someone else.

What is the craziest reaction you have received after telling someone your outfit came from a thrift store?

I always get compliments on my outfits and when I tell them where I got it they are always surprised – then usually a bit disappointed that they can’t have one just like it, which is another reason I love the Thrifty Shopper. It allows me to often have pieces of clothing that nobody else has or can find. Thrifty Shopper is a great way to find your creativity and unique style all on a great budget!

Gallery of 2017 #iShopThrifty Costume Contest Entries