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Thrifty Holiday Tops Styled for the Season

On the hunt for holiday tops for upcoming festivities, I stopped by the North Syracuse Thrifty Shopper and scored.

First I found a very soft vintage holiday sweater ($6.99). I love this sweater and it is proof you should shop outside your size range. This sweater was an extra small but fit like a medium. I wore this with my red Loft skirt for a real Christmas vibe. Then I paired the sweater with jeans and a gold necklace to be extra festive.

Next I picked up a Lauren Conrad long and flowing cardigan ($6.99). What a unique cardigan this is. I love how it feels dressy even though it is so comfortable. I matched this with a maroon lace dress to showcase the contrast of the long sweater with a shorter frock. Then I wore it with burgundy leggings and a pink long sleeved shirt to dress up a casual outfit.

Lastly I found a Victoria Secret’s Pink casual gray top ($4.99). I wore this with a black A-line skirt to show that any top can be fancy. Paired with my polka dot work pants and long gold necklace, this shirt achieved a more serious style. I’m loving my new holiday tops!

About the Author

Natalie Del Prete is a Purchasing Assistant who enjoys exploring fashion. She has been thrift shopping for many years and prefers shopping at secondhand stores as opposed to big retailers because it is fun, leads to less waste and helps the community. Check her out on Instagram: @twentysomethingstyles.

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