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Vintage Pink Wrap Skirt Scored for $5.99

I visited the Thrifty Shopper in East Syracuse this week and found a wrap skirt, a shirt and a dress for less than $20 total! I just spent the same amount of money at dinner tonight and unlike food, these items will last a long, long time.

My first item was a vintage pink wrap skirt ($5.99). This find made me so happy! I love style influenced by the ’50s and this wrap skirt looked like it could have been around back then! At first, it was a little too tight on me. Since it is a wrap skirt, I was able to move two buttons over and ta-da! It now fits me like a glove. I first paired my new wrap skirt with a cream colored sleeveless top with a peter pan collar. Then I matched it with a black long-sleeved top, which was a recent Thrifty Shopper find.

Next I bought a black dress with long flare sleeves from American Eagle ($7.99). I love a good LBD (Little Black Dress) because they literally go with everything. I wore this with a patterned sleeveless vest for a very bohemian look. Next I wore it on its own with a statement necklace to give it a classy look.

My last item was a plaid magenta top from Wild Blue ($4.99). This top is kind of like a plaid cardigan, which I love! I wore this with my maroon leggings and a black top for a casual, around the house look. Then I paired it with a grey swing dress and a necklace to go out and about with.

About the Author

Natalie Del Prete is a Purchasing Assistant who enjoys exploring fashion. She has been thrift shopping for many years and prefers shopping at secondhand stores as opposed to big retailers because it is fun, leads to less waste and helps the community. Check her out on Instagram: @twentysomethingstyles.

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