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Become a Rewards Card Member Today!

Rescue Mission Thrifty Shoppers are thanking their loyal customers with a program that offers special savings and exclusive sales. Tens of thousands have already signed up for the Thrifty Shopper Rewards Card, where savings can be earned off already reasonably priced items.

Here are three reasons to become a Thrifty Shopper Rewards Member:

Have you ever felt so popular?! It’s like high school all over again with every business inviting you to join their club. We get it. That’s why we want to show you the ways we stand out by highlighting three benefits of becoming a Thrifty Shopper Rewards Member:

    1. We can look you up by your email, phone number or name, so you don’t have to carry another card in your wallet.
    2. We only send one email per week and we are committed to your privacy – we do not share or sell your information and we won’t be the ones clogging up your inbox!
    3. The Rewards Card is accepted at all 15 Thrifty Shopper stores as well as 3fifteen in Marshall Square.

To become a Rewards Card Club member, click here.