Thrifted Home for the Win

Are you totally lost when it comes to decorating your home? Not only can it feel like a daunting task, but it can also not be very cost effective. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it seems so effortless on social media to put together a seamlessly perfect room. Lucky for you, we put together the ultimate guide to navigating a Thrifty Shopper when shopping for home décor! We teamed up with home designers in our #ishopthrifty community who share their tips and tricks to creating a budget friendly and aesthetically pleasing home. Are you ready to knock your home decorating goals out of the park? We are too!

Holly runs @updatemycape on Instagram and specializes in creating cozy and DIY inspired home décor. Her signature style can best be described as neutral with bits of vintage and bohemian themes throughout.  When traveling to Thrifty Shopper, she looks for pieces that will make her home unique, especially items like rattan or vintage brass that can add a “unique flare” to her space. She always goes to the furniture section, home goods, and miscellaneous sections in search of items. Her piece of advice for someone looking to thrift pieces for their home? Look for the potential in each thrifted item. This could be a solid wood piece that can be transformed to match your style using paint or stain, or some dishes that can be paired with other items to make them pop with color. 

Small, miscellaneous items are what can really define a style when designing a space.

Holly, @updatemycape

We also spoke with Haus of GG on Instagram (handle @houseofgg) for some thrifted home décor inspiration. Their signature style would best be described as a new old aesthetic. When looking through Thrifty Shopper, they try to find items that can really blend into this theme throughout their home, as well as items that they can repurpose to fit their aesthetic. A piece of advice from Haus of GG? Never walk in with hopes of finding something specific. Keep an open mind and hunt through the store like you’re digging through a garage sale.

The best of finds are when you least expect them!

Haus of GG, @hausofgg

So, let’s break down everything that we just learned in an easy list that you can bring with you on your next thrifting home décor haul!

  • Look for pieces that will make your home unique
  • Search the furniture, home goods, and miscellaneous sections for inspiration
  • Look for potential – you can later enhance their beauty to fit your design aesthetic
  • Look for color
  • Think small – smaller items can really transform your space
  • Keep an open mind – allow yourself to be inspired
  • Roll your sleeves up! – don’t be afraid to really dig through those racks to find the perfect piece for your home
  • Explore – travel to more than one Thrifty Shopper, all of our stores have completely different items that may be perfect for your home!

Now, get out there and crush those interior design goals you’ve been dreaming about with total ease!