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Eddie Bauer Is Worth Thrifting Splurge

eddie bauerMy rule of thumb post-personal finance epiphany: wait for a sale to buy casual clothing at the thrift store. I try to only pay full price when investing in key pieces for office attire. Investing in higher end work wear is when the savings are most significant. However, being a country girl at heart, I will not pass up amazing savings on Eddie Bauer casuals.

Eddie Bauer was one of my favorite stores prior to eliminating the credit card way of life. (Full disclosure: pre-financial epiphany, I spent so much time in Eddie Bauer they knew me by first name. This is not something I’m proud of.)

I am still squealing in delight silently inside because I found items that the old me would have paid full price for (not to mention interest on a mall store credit card). I saved so much money on these items, I feel like I could shrill off my rooftop.

Here are my Eddie Bauer finds:

Eddie Bauer Chambray, $4.99 – a fantastic year round purchase!

eddie bauer

Eddie Bauer flannel, $4.99 – just sold my last one on eBay. LOVE these colors!

eddie bauer
Eddie Bauer cotton maxi skirt, $5.99 – a spring/fall NY staple 😍

eddie bauer
Ecstatic about this purchase: Eddie Bauer boots, $5.99 – this country girl’s cup runneth over!! ❤

eddie bauer

Where was I all these years? Why didn’t I grasp the concept of thrifting sooner? I could have saved myself so many sleepless nights! Gone are the days of buyer’s remorse. My thrifty purchases make me feel joyful!

The secret to thrifting is keeping an open mind and having time on your side. You really need time to dig.

This particular night, I ended up shopping the larger sized racks first. I can’t stress this enough. You don’t want to only look at racks of your normal size. Clearly the Eddie items I found had either been sized incorrectly. Or, the manufacturers used fabrics that ended up shrinking for consumers more than they anticipated.

Sure, you will find some items that are no longer in style. But the immense savings when finding these current season rarities makes the hunt so worth it. The $22 I paid for all four items is 4-5 times less than I would have paid for any one of those items in the mall!

About the Author

Tabby Rhodes balances her family and professional life all while practicing fiscal (and environmental) responsibility. She has found thrift shopping fits into her frugal lifestyle and enjoys sharing her discoveries.

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